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Payments Accepted
Payments Accepted

Enginetech gaskets help you build better engines, faster.

Rather than duplicating OE designs, The Rebuilder’s Gasket is designed specifically for the rebuilder. Our gaskets accommodate the kinds of surfaces you have to work with, and they really do the job, without leaks or comebacks.

Enginetech’s consolidation – fewer part numbers accurately cover more engines – means less inventory cost. Convenient packaging and clear instructions help your installers do the job right, faster and easier. All of this, and more, makes The Rebuilder’s Gasket truly the best value going for you!

Superior design and materials of gaskets

Enginetech engineers analyzed the special sealing problems of each engine covered, and designed the gaskets and seals that would work best in each part of the engine. Thermal shock dyno testing verified the design excellence. Unlike OE designs, The Rebuilder’s Gasket is designed for and works better on rebuilt engines.

Individual gaskets are die cut from the right material in the right thickness for each application, and have elastomeric sealing beads in critical areas.

Head gaskets are no-retorque with virtually no loss in clamping force over time, perforated to eliminate material separation and leakage, and are coated with a premium silicone blend to allow head-to-block movement and easy removal. Precise thickness gives predictable sealing, fire rings are oversize (for oversize bores), and elastomeric sealing beads meet special sealing needs.

Valve cover gaskets have the proper thickness for optimum sealing. They seal, are durable, have a long shelf life, and are flexible, to withstand rough handling during installation without breaking. One piece molded rubber gaskets are used in late applications where critical sealing is a must.

Pan gaskets are made in the right thickness to seal best on sheet metal without splitting. Again, they are durable, flexible, and have a long shelf life. Also, one piece rubber molded pan gaskets are available for late model engines.

Intake gaskets are designed to prevent vacuum leaks and withstand high temperatures from exhaust crossover heat on V-type engines. They are embossed or have raised elastomeric beads to give high unit pressure and superior sealing on narrow flanges. In several applications, a heat-sensitive coating provides a positive seal once the engine is run.

Superior packaging

The easy-to-learn part number is highly visible regardless of which way the gaskets are stocked. A complete, easy to read bill of materials is on the label. The head gasket(s) can be easily removed without opening the complete package, therefore the rebuilder can use the head gaskets and send the balance of the set to the installer… still sealed. The gaskets are divided into subsets, thus the smaller, more fragile components are protected from damage or folding.

Superior consolidation

Enginetech engineers spend hours of research with new and used blocks, to develop gasket and seal sets that really seal while reducing the number of sets needed for similar engines. For example, one set covers all 350 Chevrolet engines through 1985, and two sets cover all Buick 231/181 non-turbo engines from 79 to 87.

Sets meet your needs

Enginetech’s short block Engine Installation Gasket set includes everything but the rear main and valve stem seals. Just add our seal kits and you have a full set, or get the full set pre-packages. It’s your choice.

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