SCHAEFFER #266 Citrol® Citrus Cleaner & Industrial Degreaser # 44954-00004 16oz spray

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Citrol® is a safe, biodegradable degreaser with astonishing cleaning power. It outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes, grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and bituminous deposits. Equally effective in soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors. One of the few solvents tough enough to remove stubborn printer’s ink

Reduces Environmental Reporting Requirements

Citrol® is a powerful degreaser that falls outside the EPA and OSHA hazardous waste regulations when mixed with water. Schaeffer developed the products because the EPA and OSHA are moving towards requiring gallon for gallon “use-and-disposal” records of all petroleum products. This means if you buy 55 gallons of kerosene or Stoddard Solvent, you will have to account for the disposal of all 55 gallons. Citrol® is the biodegradable, citrus-based solution.

Cuts the Heaviest Grease

Nothing is heavier than open gear lube. It’s thick, it’s tacky and it sticks to anything it touches, even worse than tar. We compared Citrol® and one of our leading competitors. We coated a stainless steel sink with our hardest-to-remove grease – Schaeffer’s Silver Streak Open Gear Lubricant. We poured two ounces of #266 Citrol® on the right and a leading competitor on the left.

Use Citrol® Straight or Diluted with Water

Industrial Plant Degreaser: to degrease mill stands, plant machinery, forklifts, conveyors, oil cellars, tar pumps and valves.

Industrial Cleaner: To clean floors, walls, production machinery and mobile equipment.

In the Shop: To degrease engines, transmissions, motors, housings, parts, floors, walls, and remove road tar and grime from trucks, dozers and tractors.

Waste Treatment Plants: To degrease, clean and deodorize lift stations, wet wells and walls, catwalks, bar screens, sump pumps, scum pits and troughs, transfer pipes and equipment.

On the Mine Site: To degrease dipper sitcks, remove open gear lube, clean shovels, draglines and underground equipment, flush gear cases, clean house rails and rollers, remove dust and grime from mobile equipment.

Replaces the need for vapor degreasing.

Citrol®’s advantages over other solvents:

Biodegradable – Environmentally safe – Non-toxic – High solvency – Not regulated (when mixed with water) – High flash point

Citrol® is a superior replacement for:
Hazardous solvents – Chlorinated solvents – Fluorocarbons –
Aliphatic solvents

Dozens of ways to use Citrol®:

As a parts degreaser – Use in pressure washers (but not steam cleaners) – Dissolves paraffin waxes – Removes ink for rollers and packaging machines  – Dissolves glue and adhesives – Removes tar and bituminous deposits from asphalt plants and paving equipment – Removes road tar from cars and trucks*

#266 is USDA approved for use in non-edible food processing areas.

* Plastics, aluminum and painted surfaces: Spot test for discoloration and surface deterioration before using. Rinse immediately with water after use.

Caution: Always wash hands after use.


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SCHAEFFER #266 Citrol® Citrus Cleaner & Industrial Degreaser # 44954-00004 16oz spray
Original price was: $20.99.Current price is: $19.39.
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