Engine Crankshaft Machining


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Benning Auto Parts is a full service machine shop. We offer crankshaft machining for all automotive, diesel and industrial applications. If you are doing an engine rebuild we can machine your crankshaft to fit the available bearings in the after market. Example: 350 Chevrolet has available .010, .020 & .030 bearings for rebuilding. We can machine you crank to the exact size required to use these bearings. In a lot of instances a crankshaft kit may not be available, in these cases your crank will need to be machined. This is especially important if your doing a restoration car where you need to use the original crankshaft. Most V-8 regrinds are in the $150 range plus bearings. We also machine industrial & diesel crankshafts as well. In many cases an industrial or diesel crank kit cost in excess of $1000. In many cases we can regrind your crankshaft and provide you with a savings. We also offer magnafluxing(checking for cracks) and checking for alignment and trueness(bent) before grinding. Give us a call today for a price quote. 1-800-847-0733 or contact us on this web site.


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Engine Crankshaft Machining