Engine Block Boring 4cyl-6cyl-V6-V8 & Industrial


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Benning Auto Parts offers precision block boring using our Rottler boring bar.  With this versatile machine we are able to bore and finish many different types of blocks.  We can bore inline 4 cylinders, inline 6 cylinders, V-4 blocks, V-6 blocks and of course V-8 blocks.  This machine is a stationary boring bar which centers off the blocks main journals for perfect accuracy.

Dsc 2915We can bore blocks with 2 inch diameters or blocks with 8 inch diameters.  If you are doing a performance V-8 block we can also use a torque plate which simulates having the heads bolted on for even more accuracy.  Prices vary from block to block.  Of course we always require a piston in hand to set the final clearance required for your application.  Contact us today for pricing on your engine project.  Phone Jeff @ 1-800-847-0733 or use the contact message on this website.


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Dsc 2915
Engine Block Boring 4cyl-6cyl-V6-V8 & Industrial
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