Cylinder Head Service: Honda-Nissan-Toyota-GM-Ford-Chrysler-many others

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Benning Auto Parts offers full service cylinder head repairs.  Do you need to check your cylinder head for cracks because your loosing coolant?  We can handle that.  How about a valve job because your engine is misfiring or puffing blue smoke when you start it. We can handle that. What if you have a blown head gasket or compression in your radiator? Chances are your cylinder head needs to be trued on the bottom side to get that good head gasket seal.

What if you broke a timing belt and bent some of your valves?  We provide a full line of engine parts including engine valves to fix your problem.  Here at Benning Auto Parts we  have 2 technicians with combined experience of over 60 years.  If your cylinder head cannot be repaired we carry a complete inventory of remanufactured  cylinder heads for many applications.  Call us for any and all cylinder head issues you may have.  We can help you just ask for Jeff @ 800-847-0733 or use this website to get a price quote for your repairs.


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