SCHAEFFER #708 Supreme 7000™ 15W-40 Racing Oil Synthetic Blend # 44954-00100 (1 Gallon)

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Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus Racing Oil 15W-40 is a premium quality multi-grade Para-Synthetic engine oil specially formulated to reduce friction and wear, increase engine efficiency and extend engine life in all types of gasoline engines including those that contain flat tappet cams and those that are turbocharged or supercharged.

705 is blended from the finest quality severely hydrotreated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely raffinate hydroconverted Group II Plus available. This unique combination provides Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus Racing Oil with the following advantages:

  • Fortified with proven friction modifiers Micron Moly® and Penetro® to reduce friction and wear.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation.
  • Lower volatility. This results in reduced oil consumption.
  • Lower pour point and borderline pumping temperature.
  • A high viscosity index. This results in minimum change in viscosity. The adequate viscosity for the proper lubrication of the engine is provided regardless of temperature.
  • Excellent film strength, which provides increased protection against wear.
  • Compatibility with all types of seals.
  • Extended oil drain capability and intervals.

Blended into the base fluids is a highly specialized performance additive package and a highly shear stable viscosity index improver. This combination provides Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus Racing Oil with a number of performance benefits including superior protection against thermal breakdown, excellent shear stability, reduced oil consumption, high detergency, and decreased ring, cylinder, and bearing wear.

Not recommended for use in those motorcycle and ATV applications that specify engine oil that meets JASO MA or MB. Use of #705 in applications that specify JASO MA or MB oil can cause slippage and improper engagement of the clutch mechanisms. It’s is also not recommended for use in 4-cycle marine engines that specify the use of a NMMA FC or FC-W 4-cycle engine oil.


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