Supreme 7000 15W/40 Syn Plus Diesel Oil Syn-blend #44954-00008 2 gallons



Performance-based, heavy-duty diesel engine oils designed with you in mind

Our new SynShield™ Oils are formulated to support different equipment needs you face, whether you’re working on a construction job site or driving thousands of miles over the road. SynShield™ Oils meet and exceed the latest API specifications CK-4 or FA-4, and they replace our Supreme 7000/9000 CJ-4 Oils.

For enhanced engine protection in severe operating conditions, we offer:

700 SynShield™ Durability Advantage 15W-40 with advanced anti-wear and oxidant additives to provide stronger durability and wear protection for equipment working in harsh environments, such as construction, farming or mining. It’s a synthetic blend meeting API CK-4.

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Weight 16 lbs


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