Lucas Oil Octane Booster #10026-3 bottles



Lucas Octane Booster – A Real Octane Booster!  Tested and proven to deliver three times more boost than most other brands. Lucas Octane Booster is a GENUINE Performance Enhancer! It’s safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Stops knocks, and raises MPG in high compression engines. Raises Octane Rating by 3 octane points.

Also available for Motorcycles in 2 ounce bottle.

Key Benefits

  • Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Suitable for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Provides more boost than most other brands
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions



  • #10725 – 2 Ounce (Case of 18) – 3 lbs
  • #10930 – 5.25 Ounce (Case of 24) – 10 lbs
  • #10026 – 15 Ounce (Case of 12) – 12 lbs

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


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